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Eziki for Online Media

Maximize your global revenues as you deliver the most relevant ads to all viewers and screens. Earn more everywhere. The future is online. Weekly traditional TV viewing by 18–24-year-olds has fallen by close to 32% since 2011.

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Eziki for Broadcasters

Go Over-The-Top with Confidence. Maximize revenues, streamline operations and cut costs. Don’t be left behind. OTT video revenue has grown 3X in the past 5 years. TV broadcasters now see more than 50% of their content views on mobile. Powerful and scalable cloud solutions to fit any workflow Customize high...

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Eziki for Brands

Connect with your customers. Give them the exceptional video experiences that drive brand preference, conversions and repeat purchases. Consumers are 49% more likely to watch a branded video on a social network. Reach viewers where they watch. Globally, 42% of all online viewing is on mobile devices. Capture and Convert...

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