Who We Are

Eziki focuses exclusively on professional video on demand and live streaming. Eziki videos are played in their own embeddable branded player.

Live video streaming of TV channels was once a novelty – now streaming linear TV and live events is becoming the norm, as the largest broadcasters, operators and media companies enhance their traditional services with additional streaming video services.

Entrants into this rapidly-expanding market need to find the best live video streaming service for their needs: real time streaming is about to overtake traditional Pay TV delivery in popularity, and therefore business opportunity.

Video can enhance your business in new ways that help convert consumers into buyers. Video is a strong way to communicate the lifestyle and aspirations your brand embodies.

Why Video?

Video has become a ‘first class’ data type. No matter the industry, the audience or the application, video has become a truly global medium — capable of dramatically increasing human understanding. Whether your audience consists of end customers, employees or both, people intuitively ‘get’ video. They want it as a fundamental part of their experience whether it’s for entertainment, information or applications.

Live video streaming applications are expanding by the day. Live video used to simply mean “live TV” like sports, news or concerts. Now, live video has moved into new and exciting contexts with many more on the way. Live video is rapidly growing across enterprise activities like education, marketing and town halls. And with emerging applications like telemedicine, drone footage and body cams — live enterprise video is just getting started.
All recent data point towards video being the fastest growing segment of all internet traffic and the trend looks set to continue for the foreseeable future.
According to Google, Online video will be the most ubiquitous and accessible form of communication in 5 years.
Mobile First. Mobile devices account for more than 50% of all eCommerce traffic.

What makes Eziki solutions the best in the business?


Invest in content, not overhead. Our superior tools and team will ensure you keep costs down by avoiding costs like Internet, Expertise and Bandwidth. Eziki helps you stand up a live stream service and Video on demand with minimal capital and in-house resources.


Eziki harnesses the power of big data to help broadcasters, operators and media companies build more engaged audiences and monetize video with personalized, interactive experiences for every screen.


Increase viewer engagement and lower churn by delivering quality video on any device, anywhere.


This market waits for no one: Every day you wait equates to missed revenue opportunities. However, the amount of work needed to stand up a new service can be daunting. With Eziki, you can get to your customers in no time.


Capitalize on Eziki’s in-depth industry experience of over 7 years in online video, services offerings and support.


Viewers globally are spending more than 5 hours watching video per day, with digital video taking up an increasingly large chunk of that time. In a market undergoing such rapid growth, you can't afford to be late to the game. As media companies launch video solutions quickly, the market is becoming more saturated and consumers are reveling in more options for their video content needs. Reducing your time-to-market with the right technology and online video partner is the key to staying competitive. A typical in-house video solution takes—at a minimum—several quarters to plan, build, deploy, troubleshoot and streamline. Buying a prebuilt online video solution which is flexible and customizable for your needs saves you this precious time, so you can get to market quickly and ahead of your competition. All you have to do is hit play.


As the video industry continues to evolve, the ongoing investment to keep your self -built technology on the leading edge will be substantial. You will need to keep your hardware, software and staff updated to stay on pace with industry innovation-which can have substantial, unforeseen costs. Buying an online video solution costs less than in-house alternatives that offer the same level of functionality and capabilities, when you consider both capital expenditures as well as lifetime operating costs for staffing, routine maintenance and the continual upgrades required. In most cases, the total cost of ownership of buying an existing online video solution is significantly less than the cost of acquiring or building your own, with the added benefit of being built for scale. OVPs have invested millions of dollars to build and maintain reliable data centers, full redundancy solutions and rigorous secure processes so that you don't have to manage that on your own.


Deploying a large-scale video technology project is complex and involves a significant amount of risk. Managing that risk effectively against the technology strategy, as well as mitigating mistakes quickly will allow you to succeed in the market. OVPs are able to leverage rich experience managing risk for other large media and broadcast companies, as well as an extensive partner network that is not present when you build your own solution. Purchasing an existing platform enables your provider to foresee common issues and solve problems quickly so you can focus on your business.


The technology, process and strategy transformation that building a video solution demands is not only challenging, but also unpredictable. It requires a strong and integrated operational approach, as well as a strict cost-minded approach. Often, unexpected technological problems can rise and costs can escalate quickly—putting your project ROI at risk. Buying an OTT solution helps maintain cost predictability throughout the length of your deployment, and can offer customization options to fit your needs and revenue goals.


The online video industry is changing quickly, and you need to be able to maintain your technology's edge and future-proof your in-house solution. Not only does this require a substantial commitment in terms of staffing resources, but it doesn't come cheap (or easy). OVPs are constantly evolving their video platforms, whether by offering additional device support, new streaming technologies, analytics reporting, search and discovery options, or through partnerships with relevant technology makers. These innovations will have a direct positive business impact for you in the short and long term.

Effective Marketing and Sales Conversion with Eziki Video

If a picture is worth 1,000 words, one minute of video is worth 1.8 million according to Forester Research. As a result, the opportunities to target, reach and engage audiences via digital video are becoming irresistible to the world's most sophisticated marketers.

The Video Opportunity

Historically, the most effective strategy for marketers to generate consumer demand and sales was a combination of TV to drive brand awareness and sales conversion at the point of sale. TV gave marketers the ideal platform to evoke emotion—leveraging sight, sound and motion—to create affinity and demand, which then translated into sales. The internet changed the way consumers now experience and interact with brands. Consumers are spending more time each year watching digital video. In fact, adults have gone from watching just 36 minutes of digital video per day in 2012 to 1 hour and 16 minutes in 2015.1 Millennials are increasingly turning to other devices as their first screens with 56% of the TV and film viewing by viewers
aged 14–24 taking place on computer, smartphone, tablet, or a gaming device.

The "FOUR C'S" of Video Content Marketing

Want to get more out of online video? More views? More engagement? More buyers? At Eziki, we work with leading broadcasters, media companies, brands and retailers. Based on our experiences, here are some basic tips to help get you there.


Capture the interest and imagination of your consumers with a perfect marketing cocktail of online videos. Marketers can build a combination of brand videos supported with product and social videos. Online video
offers marketers the opportunity to deliver the impact and emotional benefit of TV combined with a call to action specific to the platform they're on. Video delivers the ability to encourage a consumer to act, engage with  product/brand, promote a social action or buy/ recommend a product. Video simply is a more engaging and effective way to build a relationship with a consumer. But with the proliferation of multiple devices and platforms, it is critical to create a consistent brand experience across them all.


Consumers have power over how, when and where they consume content and it's critical to meet them wherever they are. Consumers today are savvy smartphone, tablet, and computer users and they shop everywhere. To stay ahead of the curve, your brand experience has to be accessible across all of these devices. It's not enough to have a cross device strategy. You also need a cross platform strategy where your online platforms and social media platforms work in synergy. Your video content needs to be easily
syndicated across platforms, with a consistent brand look and feel that's shareable on consumers' social feeds.


Once you have captured the interest of the consumer it is important to create a seamless environment where their interest can easily convert into a purchase. Adding click-to-purchase features to your video, such as "Buy now" buttons turn engagement into sales in a seamless and non-invasive manner. This has proven to be an extremely successful strategy for several of Eziki's retail customers.

Continuously Measure

John Wanamaker famously said "Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is, I don't know which half." However, times have  hanged and analytics now allow us to measure which videos are working and change our content strategy to ensure both halves are delivering on marketing objectives. It is critical to learn what kind of content resonates with consumers and on which devices. Do they like two minute videos more than five-minute videos? Do they prefer product videos on mobile; instructional videos on desktops and brand videos on social platforms? A consumer might view an ad on her mobile phone in the morning, and see a product video on his/her desktop at work before making a purchase on an iPad that
night. All of this information can help you move more quickly from capturing to converting a buyer.


5 Reasons You Should Buy, Not Build Your OTT Video Solution

The OTT (over-the-top) video space is experiencing a rapid acceleration in new services, users and revenues. Premium OTT video alone is expected to generate $8 billion in U.S. revenues by 2018. Creating and executing an OTT strategy quickly is challenging, especially if you are thinking about building a solution in-house.

Your plan must support the optimization of video assets, devices and monetization opportunities for all of the ways your audiences are consuming content. In addition, it must drive internal efficiencies, and offer technical flexibility for platform integrations.

Building and deploying an OTT solution is a costly, time-consuming process in an industry that is quickly evolving. Not only are technology requirements rapidly changing, but viewer preferences are becoming increasingly fickle as the definition of TV has come to encompass any screen at any time. However, OTT has become a critical part of any video offering today, and the market favors companies at the leading edge of video innovation. Buying an existing online video platform through an OVP (online video provider) generates many benefits for your business, and offers an expert partner that will support you through the technological and strategy implementations.
Read on for 5 more reasons why buying rather than building an OTT video solution can help improve your bottom line and grow your business.